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PTA Reflections

Do you enjoy art, music and dance or have an interest in writing, producing films and taking photos? Then have fun unleashing your inner artist with the PTA Reflections program.  Explore the Arts and Express Yourself!   Watch this video to get Inspired!


Use your art to express this year’s theme, "I am Hopeful Because..."


After you have created your art you can submit your entry to the Hyde Reflections Program using this Google form

(The PTSA will only accept online submissions submitted through the google form.  You must use a personal email address, not your student email, in your submission form so that we can be sure to communicate with you.)


You will need to provide a title for your piece and a statement (between 10 and 100 words) that describes your work and how it relates to the theme.  Be advised the “interpretation of theme” is weighed more heavily than the other considerations in the judging. A well-developed concept is more important than technique. Entries will be judged primarily on how well the student uses their artistic vision to portray the theme, rather than their technical skill or creative process.


The submission due date is October 15, 2023.


There are 6 different categories you can enter:

  • Dance Choreography

  • Literature

  • Photography

  • Film Production

  • Music Composition

  • Visual Arts

Rules for each of the categories are available online at  

(Use this information only for more detailed information about the rules per category.  DO NOT use this page to submit your entry, instead use our school specific google form to be considered for entry.)


Additional inspiration and information is available here:


If you have any questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to contact us by email at:

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